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Wallpaper Calculator

To estimate how much wallpaper your project requires, take measurements of the room you plan to cover and round to the nearest foot. Wallpaper is sold in packages of one, two and three rolls. Then, find professionals to help you install your new wallpaper.

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Wallpaper is sold in one, two and three rolls per package, which have about 35 square feet. When buying wallpaper, it’s always smart to buy extra in case you have accidents while trying to hang it or need more because you measured the wrong length or decide to wallpaper additional rooms in the home. You might also need it for repairs later.

To estimate the amount of standard American wallpaper your project requires, enter the measurements—rounded to the nearest foot—into our pop-up calculator. The total given is the number of rolls, not number of packages. To ensure you have enough wallpaper, do not deduct the square footage of doors and windows from the total area. Also note that this calculator does not apply to European wallpaper, which generally contains approximately 56 square feet per roll.

Types of Wallpaper

The wallpaper you will buy depends on a few factors, including the room you plan to put it in, your budget, and how much maintenance you’re willing to do on it. Vinyl wallpaper is the most common type, and there are three subtypes of vinyl, including vinyl coated, fabric backed and paper backed. Of the three, paper backed is the best and most durable, whereas vinyl and fabric have more downsides, though they will both cost less than the paper backed. Depending on which room you plan to hang the wallpaper in, vinyl or fabric might be a better choice.

Foil wallpaper is another option, but it is extremely fragile and must be installed by a professional. Flocked wallpaper is textured and gives a raised looked from the wall. Fiberglass weave is made from thick strands and is very durable. These three will be more expensive than vinyl wallpaper but might be the better option if you’re looking to decorate a particular room fashionably or plan for the room to last for a long time with heavy traffic.

Tips on Measuring for Wallpaper

You will need to take the measurements below before you go and buy the materials, to know exactly how much you need plus a little extra.

  • Wall height
  • Wall perimeter for areas you plan to wallpaper
  • Sloping walls

Wallpaper Calc

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