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Like many people, you'd probably like to reduce your energy costs. You can't do that without figuring out how much you're currently spending on energy, and online home energy calculators can be used to do so quickly and accurately. The best home energy calculators essentially allow you to create a virtual model of your home. When using the calculator, you’re asked to provide a lot of detailed information about things like appliances, insulation and the heating and cooling systems you use. With this information, the calculator can provide an estimate of how much energy you use per month or per year.

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You may or may not be surprised by what you learn from using the home energy calculator. The information you receive will only be an estimate, but it will give you a ballpark idea of how much energy you use and how much it costs you. You can use this information to pinpoint the areas in which you're spending the most on energy. From there, you can identify ways to reduce your energy usage and your total cost.

How it works

Be prepared to spend five to 10 minutes completing the form for your energy calculator. You will need to have some basic information about your home handy as well. Most home energy calculators begin by asking for information about the style and size of your home. For instance, is it a ranch-style home, or does it have a second or third floor? Is there a basement? Is the basement heated and cooled? You'll most likely be asked for information about the kinds of insulation present in your home. Answer all of the questions as accurately as possible.

You can expect to be asked to provide information about the age of your heating and cooling system. You'll also have to select the type of system you have. The same thing goes for your water heater. Depending on the home energy calculator that you use, you may have to provide information about the windows in your home. It will probably ask you about your washer, dryer, TVs and other appliances. Most calculators also want to know how many people live in the home and how often they are actually there.

Using the information

If you're just curious about how much energy you use and how much it costs you, you'll be done with the calculator once it gives you the basic estimates. However, you may want to work on reducing your home energy usage and costs, and some calculators provide tips and tricks for doing so, based on your circumstances. You may be advised to upgrade your heating and cooling system or to switch to using CFLs instead of regular light bulbs. From installing programmable thermostats to adding better insulation, there are many ways to reduce your energy costs. By using a home energy calculator, you can get the ball rolling on saving a lot of money.

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