If you are considering a kitchen remodel, now is the time to replace those outdated and worn-out appliances. Maybe you’ve been moving the same microwave from place to place before finally settling into your forever home. Perhaps the house was new construction when you moved in and had builder-grade units that aren’t exactly what you wanted. Maybe you’ve decided to give the kitchen a completely new style and the old refrigerator and cooktop just don’t fit into the design. For whatever reason you decide to purchase new appliances, you should reserve at least 10% of your renovation budget for them.

However, before you begin, it is important to understand the cost of new kitchen appliances so you won’t be surprised while shopping. The average cost of a kitchen appliance package can vary dramatically based on the type of devices you want and the features they may have. For example, the cost of stainless-steel appliances will be a bit more than standard varieties. You also need to factor in the cost to install them, as well as any associated maintenance expenses. What follows is information to help you grapple with the cost to replace kitchen appliances for your remodeling job.

If you’re looking for professional contractors to assist with a new appliance installation, we can put you in touch with up to four kitchen remodeling companies in your area.