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How Much Does Concrete Floor Coatings Cost?

Most homeowners spend between $1,502 to $2,152 nationally.
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There are many reasons to consider using floor coatings on a concrete slab. Some homeowners want to brighten the drab look of gray garage floors. Others need to increase the safety for those walking on a surface that is otherwise slick. Many homeowners are finding that special concrete coating effects can provide affordable and attractive home decor. Whatever your goal is, a contractor will base their costs on the types of materials used and the size of the area to be covered.

National Install Concrete Coating Costs

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National Average Cost $1,913
Minimum Cost $150
Maximum Cost $4,100
Average Range $1,502 to $2,152
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Benefits in Hiring A Professional

While you may be comfortable with a painting project, it's important to recognize that slip-resistant materials and high-gloss materials can be challenging to work with. You may be subject to some product waste if you aren't experienced with the application process. Weather issues like temperature and humidity can also play a role in affecting the success of your floor coating project. While your project costs will increase if you hire a professional, you will have the benefit of technical expertise and a faster conclusion to the project. Another consideration is if the concrete is older, cracked, chipped or crumbling. The surface must be repaired to make it as smooth as possible before it can be sealed. Expect labor costs to range from $15 per hour to $30 per hour based on the qualifications and expertise of your contractor. 

Type of Coating

Coatings can range from special epoxies to simple paints. If you want the contractor to add color to the surface of your garage floor, you may opt for a floor paint. Ask the contractor for options that are designed to prevent slipping. You can also consider high-gloss finishes. 

Specialty Effects

If your desire is a decorative coating for your concrete floor, then you may need to enlist the assistance of a contractor who is experienced in the use of concrete stains and other masonry enhancements. You may want to consider etched effects and precise staining to achieve artistic results. You can also explore options like exposed aggregate and terrazzo finishes. Coating products are available to achieve comparable effects, but such systems often require the services of specially trained professionals. Pricing can begin in the range of $1,000, increasing based on the intricacy of the effect desired and the sizing of the areas to be treated.

How to Stain Concrete Floors

Color can be added to the concrete by using chemical stains made of either acrylic or acid. Acrylic is harder to predict the outcome of, as it can point the chinks and cracks in concrete more prominently, so it’s often recommended that homeowners use acid-based stain when coloring their concrete floors.

Cleaning the concrete is key before laying the stain, as adding color to any surface will show any kind of variations or problems that might be there beforehand. So having dust highlighted would not be a good idea. Applying it uniformly is also a good idea, unless you want some part of the concrete to be darker or lighter than others on purpose.

Chemical stains are used on existing slabs by mixing muriatic acid with metallic salts. The salts convey the color and the acid etches the surface enough for the color to penetrate up to 1/16 of an inch. The stain can be rolled or sponged on the slab. Each style provides a different result. Afterwards, make sure to remove any residue or inconsistencies before the staining dries, so you get the exact look you want for the stained surface. Use a wet cloth to blot the surface to remove any prints or splotches. Then apply a sealant coating.

More on Concrete Flooring

Concrete floors are not for everyone, and some people believe such floors would be too hard. Indeed, they are hard, but no more so than ceramic tile or stone floors. A few well-placed rugs will give the floor a softer look.

Concrete also lends itself well to radiant heating. The pipes can be placed in the concrete during the pour, and the concrete mass helps distribute the heat uniformly.

Maintenance is easy with these floors. They do not wear out or discolor. Basic sweeping and damp mopping keeps them great in appearance. The reason for this is because the color has penetrated the concrete and is not a surface material, like polish, waiting to be dulled.

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