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The Best Composite Decking

Installing a composite deck in your yard is a great way to improve the space. But, there are many options! Here is a guide to help you decide.


A deck is a beautiful addition to a backyard space. It gives the space a new look and can add a functional area to the yard. Once you decide you’re going to add the deck, you’ll have to determine what type of deck you need. Some people opt to use traditional wood, but others prefer composite decking. 

Typically, composite decking is a more durable option. It’s available in many colors and styles, so it’s easy to find a combination that suits your style needs. As with any deck, the installation of the composite decking requires physical effort. While some homeowners opt to install the composite decking as a do-it-yourself project, others prefer to hire a professional to handle the job.

If you choose composite decking, you’ll need to determine who makes the best composite decking for your project. ImproveNet makes it easy to connect with professionals to help you create your backyard oasis.

What Is The Best Composite Decking On The Market?

There are many good options for composite decking on the market. You have to find the one that meets the needs you have for your project. There are a few points to look for when you’re evaluating the options. While the price is a good indication of the quality of composite deck components, it isn’t the only thing you should consider.

  • Do you want recycled composite decking? Some products, such as Trex decking, are made using recycled materials. This might be a good option for individuals who want to be as eco-friendly as possible.
  • What color composite decking do you want? Most range from light to dark wood colors. Some composite decking also comes in other colorful hues. Some patterns might also be available.
  • How thick is the decking material? Composite decking that’s too thin may crack easily under stress. Try to find thicker materials. Ideally, the decking will be at least an inch thick.
  • What enhancements are available? Certain elements of the deck should match the composite decking. Look for things like matching railings and posts that can provide the deck with a consistent appearance.

Be sure you read the reviews for the options you’re considering. Oftentimes, these reviews provide valuable information about things like durability and fading.

Can You Paint Composite Decking?

Composite decking lasts an average of 25 to 30 years. Some individuals might not want to keep the look the entire time. You do have the option of painting the decking if you decide you want to make a change.

You have to choose the right paint if you want it to last on composite decking. You need a latex-based paint that’s made for floors or decks. A satin or semi-gloss finish is best for this project. You also have the option of staining the composite decking if you use an acrylic latex stain.

It’s imperative that you choose high-quality products made for outdoor use. This can help prevent fading and failure that would make your decking look bad. Paints and stains aren’t going to last as long as the composite deck, so find out what longevity is expected for the paint or stain before you spend your time and money on the project.

How To Clean Composite Decking

Cleaning a composite deck isn’t difficult. You can sweep it and wipe up spills if they occur. You’ll likely need to clean it periodically with a commercially available composite deck cleaner. Some brands have special recommendations, so be sure to check the care instructions for the option you choose.

As you’re cleaning the composite decking, check for signs of damage. It’s possible that storms and other events might weaken parts of the deck. Addressing these as soon as they occur can help prevent the issue from getting worse. It might be possible for a professional to repair the deck or replace the damaged part, so contact one as soon as you realize something is amiss.

How Much Is Composite Decking?

The cost of composite decking varies greatly, depending on the type you use. Typically, you can expect to pay $7 to $10 per square foot for it. If you’re planning on hiring someone to install the composite decking, you’ll need to add in their cost when you think about the estimates for your composite decking.

Be sure to factor in the cost of enhancements, such as railings and stairs, if you’re going to need those for your deck. This helps to ensure you have an idea of what the entire project will cost.

Estimates For Your Composite Decking

You should get at least three estimates for the installation of composite decking. ImproveNet makes it easy to connect with professionals. Once you have the estimates, consider the value and cost of each so you can determine the best option for your project.

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