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Thanksgiving Table Décor Ideas

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The season of Thanksgiving would be incomplete without the family get-togethers and the warmth of having your loved ones around. Having a season dedicated to just that and being thankful allows my household to stop and appreciate the things we overlook every day. But before your home becomes a hectic mess of frolicking kids and cackling parents, let’s grab the seasonal silverware and start setting the table.

We all know that a memorable Thanksgiving party is centered around great dinner table conversations and tasty treats. With that said, here are some tips to help in creating a tablescape that brings your family even closer while still enjoying that holiday turkey.

Color Scheme

The first step to an amazing table is figuring out a color scheme that is not only inviting but timeless. The end goal is to create a space that captures the essence of Thanksgiving and translating that into a festive table. A great way to accomplish this is to start with a neutral base. You can then be as creative as you’d like when adding color to your table.

You can also make your own cutlery bags and slip your utensils right in. Add a cream ribbon, to go with the theme, and tie a cute bow at the front to make your table for a little more fun. Play with the colors of your drinkware by coupling clear drinking glasses with off-white wine glasses.  

Nature Elements

When I think of autumn I think of crisp leaves covering pathways and pinecones strewn everywhere. So it’s only expected that I would add this to my table, right? Shrubs and greenery mixed with pumpkins make for a very vibrant dinner table, like the above. These nature elements add to your color palette and add to the neutral base you started with.

Tip: Not a fan of pumpkins and pinecones? Grab some fruits and flowers from your own garden and sprinkle them onto your table.


Creative Centerpiece

The most important thing to remember is that your centerpiece becomes the focal point of your table. Therefore, most of your time will be spent perfecting it. Again, don’t stress too much about this because you can make it as simple or as elegant as you’d like.

The above photo shows how easy it is to prepare a festive centerpiece. Grab a couple of the tallest vases you have, drop a few tiny pumpkins at the bottom and assemble tall stems of yellow, green and orange leaves. In less than five minutes, you’ve transformed your dining room into a welcoming space filled with festive cheer.

If nature isn’t your idea of Thanksgiving, then find something that illuminates the season from your perspective. You can also decorate your table with candles in metal lanterns separated by pumpkins. Whichever you choose, just be sure that your centerpiece is an extension of your overall theme.

Festive Silverware

The tiny trinkets, like the decorated pumpkins in the photo, are the items that will add personality to your Thanksgiving table. Also, feel free to play with textures and patterns when choosing your silverware. The fall-leaf-print china set matches the centerpiece, which is important for your setup.   

Handmade Name Cards

A really fun way to personalize your table is to attach name tags to holiday fruits and place them atop, or even to the side, of your place settings. Your guest will not only appreciate the gesture but love your creativity.

Tip: An exceptionally designed table is a refreshing way to capture your guests’ attention. The only way to achieve this is to show your friends and family just how much you appreciate them with thoughtful gestures.

Kids Table

The Kids’ Table

Ok guys, you know I couldn’t end this post without including the kiddies. If you’re like me and need to put together a kids’ table so the grown-ups can have fun too, then listen up. The key to keeping the kids well-behaved is to occupy their time. How fun is the photo above? Storing colorful crayons in charming mason jars and using butcher paper that doubles as a table cover and a drawing mat is absolutely genius.

Don’t forget to continue your dinner table theme even at the kids' table. Add little pumpkins to the table, name tags and white dishware with cutleries to match.


Before we open the door for our Thanksgiving guests, let’s glance at our prepped table once more. Our color scheme is consistent throughout the room. We’ve also incorporated some nature elements with the fall leaves and mini pumpkins. Our festive centerpiece matches our seasonal chinaware and we’ve decorated those with handmade name cards attached to seasonal fruits. The kids’ table looks as delightful as the grownups' and their crayons await their arrival.

Are we forgetting anything? What are some of your must-haves for a well prepared table? Tell us in the comments below.

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