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8 Soaker Tubs Designed For Small Bathrooms

By on Aug 8, 2019
8 Soaker Tubs Designed For Small Bathrooms

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Soaking tubs are part of the dream home and owning a small bathroom doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the aroma, sensation and relaxation of a good soaker tub.

The following deep bathtubs are designed for small bathrooms. What they lose in depth or width, they make up in both comfort and price. Once you review the eight soaking tubs for small bathrooms below, use ImproveNet to find the best bathtub contractors near you!

For complete transparency, please be aware that this blog post contains affiliate links and any purchases made through the links below will result in a small commission for ImproveNet, at no extra cost for you.

Small Soaking Tubs

To accommodate your small bathroom, the following eight small tubs are five feet long (or less) and cost less than $1,000. While the average price to install a bathtub is $2,800, these small deep bathtubs will surely cost less.

Each small soaker description is below, but our quick list of deep bathtubs for small bathrooms is:

  1. Kohler: Archer Deep Soaker
  2. Kohler: Expanse
  3. Kohler: Soissons
  4. Kohler: Villager
  5. American Standard: Colony Whirlpool Tub
  6. American Standard: Standard Collection Tub
  7. American Standard: Evolution Bathtub
  8. Bootz Industries: Aloha Soaking Tub in White

Kohler Archer

Kohler Soaking Tubs For Small Bathrooms

1. Archer Deep Soaker

Undoubtedly, one of the best brands on the market is Kohler, so it’s no surprise that a few of their models would fall on our list of soaking tubs for small bathrooms.

Kohler’s Archer Soaker comes with lumbar arches within the tub to fit your body’s natural figure. In addition to its beveled edges and curved base, the Archer comes with a lower wall to step over, great for kids and the elderly. To make up the height, you can purchase an extra overflow attachment to ensure no water makes its way out of the tub.

The tub measures 19” high, 32” wide and 60” long. While taller adults may not be able to fit most of their body below, many will enjoy resting away in this deep soaker. According to Kohler, you can buy the Archer soaker for $845, but as low as $634 on Amazon.

If you’re thinking of taking your small bathroom remodel to the next level, please see 8 Small Bathroom Designs You Should Copy.

Kohler Expanse

2. Expanse

Kohler’s Expanse is another hot Kohler tub designed for small bathrooms across the globe. The curved basin and integral apron add a sense of elegance to your bathroom. With its 60”x30”x17” dimensions, much like the Archer above, the Expanse tub lets you stretch out and forget your daily struggles as you wash away in your gentle, yet compact tub. While its modern design lends itself to contemporary or modern homes, many designers have found ways to integrate these great soakers in more traditional remodels.

Kohler lists the Expanse at $913, but eFaucets lists a price of $685.

3. Soissons

The final Kohler small deep bathtub is its Soissons line. This cast iron tub comes in at 59”x27.5”x16.75”. The narrow footprint and clean lines make it ideal for skinny bathrooms, but it stills gives you the relaxing aroma of a soaker tub.

The polished finish, along with its cast iron material, drive the cost up to $1,240 (comes with adjustable pop-up drain), but eFaucets lists the small soaker at $931.

4. Villager

The Villager is one of Kohler’s most popular soaker tubs with all the bells and whistles that come with their larger tubs. The cast iron design, along with its 60”x30.25”x14” dimensions, allow for extra room to stretch out and soak for hours. Given its dimensions, some homeowners may not be able to install the Villager, but its $379 price tag on Home Depot is certainly a welcomed benefit.

Colony Whirlpool

American Standard Soaking Tubs For Small Bathrooms

5. Colony Whirlpool Tub

Unlike the Kohler brands above, American Standard’s Colony Whirlpool is built from acrylic, reinforced with fiberglass. The tub sits at five feet long, but comes with six jets and even a 1.25 HP motor to deliver a relaxing massage right in your own home. While the drain is not included, the price listed on Home Depot is $759.

6. Standard Collection Tub

Traditional fans rejoice, as the Standard Collection tub is the perfect 1920s inspired bathtub ideal for small bathrooms. Much like the Whirlpool line mentioned above, the Standard comes with a generous backrest, is made from acrylic with fiberglass reinforcement and an integral apron. The Standard measures 60”x32”x20” which is well aligned with many of the tubs mentioned in this article.

American Standard’s Standard Collection tub is listed as low as $866.

7. Evolution Bathtub

The final American Standard, the Evolution, comes in at 60"x32”x 21.5”, and is a little deeper than the previous two tubs. The Evolution comes with all the same features, including dual armrests for added comfort and is listed at $859. Please note that if you do purchase this bathtub, you will need a Max Drain that allows for three inches or more of water.

The Evolution is listed as low as $542 on competing websites.


Bootz Industries Soaking Tubs For Small Bathrooms

8. Aloha Soaking Tub in White

Our cheapest find comes in at only $115. You will not find a cheaper, yet more comfortable and effective tub on the market. Bootz’s 60” bathtub offers a full-length soaking tub with both porcelain tile and steel below. The high gloss porcelain finish is resistant to abrasion, burns and discoloration.


There are deep bathtubs designed for small bathrooms. Just because you have a tiny bathroom, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a relaxing, long and luxurious soak in a tub.

If you are looking for other ways to take full advantage of your small bathroom, let us connect you with up to four bathroom contractors for free.

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