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5 Ways To Prevent Your Basement From Flooding Basement

5 Ways To Prevent Your Basement From Flooding

Basement flooding is one of the most stressful, yet prevalent issues homeowners face on a yearly basis. Flood damage is not only difficult and timely to remove, but it can also ruin Super Bowl parties or lifelong memories for you and your family.

By: Jacob Hurwith on Apr 19, 2021
2016 JDR Industry Blogger Award Winner for Best Microblog

  • Additions

    How To Apply For A Land Survey

    Knowing how to apply for a land survey can help you get the job done. ImproveNet connects you with up to three local surveyors who can conduct a survey on your property.

    By: Jaclyn Crawford on Nov 11, 2020

  • Home Services

    What Is A Perc Test?

    Learn why you may need a perc test if you're planning a new construction home. ImproveNet connects you to local professionals who can do a perc test on your land.

    By: Jill Scheer on Nov 5, 2020

  • Tile & Stone

    Quartz Or Marble: What's Better?

    Natural materials like quartz and marble can enhance the appearance of your home. Learn the differences between them and how to decide which one best suits your needs.

    By: Jaclyn Crawford on Nov 3, 2020

  • Before & After Photos

    Creating A Master Bedroom Addition

    Building a master bedroom addition is a great way to boost the property value of your home. ImproveNet can connect you with contractors in your area to get quotes and get your project moving forward.

    By: Jaclyn Crawford on Nov 3, 2020

  • HVAC

    How To Fix A Pellet Stove

    Improve the heating in your home with a pellet stove. ImproveNet is a free service that puts you in contact with local professionals to handle installation, inspection, and repair.

    By: Jaclyn Crawford on Nov 3, 2020

  • Siding & Exterior

    Vinyl Fence Possibilities

    Adding a vinyl fence to your yard adds a visually appealing privacy element to the area. ImproveNet connects you to professionals who can help you with the job.

    By: Jaclyn Crawford on Oct 27, 2020

  • General Expertise

    Closing On Your First Home

    Closing on a new home is exciting, but it comes with a lot of work. ImproveNet is ready to connect you to local professionals who can help you with your closing on a house checklist.

    By: Jaclyn Crawford on Oct 26, 2020

  • Pest Removal

    How To Remove A Bird Nest

    If feathered friends are getting too cozy with your property, it’s time to take action. Here’s what you need to know about what to do if a bird has made its nest in a vent or pipe in your home.

    By: Jaclyn Crawford on Oct 12, 2020

  • Swimming Pools & Spas

    The Best Types Of Landscaping Rocks For Your Yard & Garden

    Decorative rocks are a versatile addition to a yard or garden. From walls to water features, rocks and stones can be used to create a variety of exciting design elements. Learn how to incorporate different types of landscaping rocks into your exterior design to increase the curb appeal of your home.

    By: Jaclyn Crawford on Oct 8, 2020

  • Home Theater

    How To Repair A Broken TV Screen

    A broken TV screen can put an end to family entertainment until it's fixed. Which damages can you fix yourself, and which ones require a professional? Learn all about damaged TV screens here.

    By: Jill Scheer on Oct 4, 2020

  • Electrical & Lighting

    The Difference Between LED And Regular Lights

    Whether you're lighting an interior space or adding illumination to the exterior of your home, you have a choice between LED and incandescent lights. If you're wondering, "What is the difference between LED lights and regular lights?" here is a basic guide to LED lighting so you can choose the right kind for your space.

    By: Jaclyn Crawford on Sep 21, 2020

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