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Plastic PVC Fence Prices

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National Fencing Costs

$9 per foot Minimum Cost
$20 per foot Maximum Cost

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Plastic PVC Fence Prices

PVC fencing material has become more popular with homeowners over the past several years. Its increase in sales is due to how it provides all the benefits of traditional wood-fence material without the maintenance and repair issues. PVC material is UV-protected, so it never needs to be repainted. Most are scratch and dent resistant, and the material will never rot, shrink or decompose. Even though wood or iron fencing can be a more affordable choice in terms of pricing, PVC fencing can save homeowners more money over time.

Minimum and Maximum Cost for the Different Types of PVC Fencing 

  • Standard Material: $2,142-$2,331
  • Better Quality: $2,304-$2,520
  • Best Quality: $2,493-$2,682

The cost of materials for a 3- to 4-foot tall vinyl picket fence can cost anywhere from:

  • $9 to $20 per foot
  • $1,000 to $2,500 per 100 feet
  • $4,600 up to $8,000 per 300 feet

Why Choose PVC Fencing? 

Homeowners all across the nation have been converting their fencing material to PVC for the past 25 to 30 years. Vinyl has five times the strength of wood, and it is four times more flexible. Unlike wood that can expose us to harmful chemical treatments, PVC fencing is nontoxic, 100-percent recyclable and is manufactured using optimal safety standards. 

The Different Types of PVC Fencing 

PVC fencing is available in a variety of different types and styles. One of the most popular is the privacy fence that is used to restrict the view from neighbors or individuals passing by. These fences are usually 4 to 6 feet high and are available in panels that can be up to 8 feet wide. They can be purchased in a wide range of colors and designs. 

Other designs include realistic wood grain, stone texture and granite texture styles. These material styles are usually found on semi-privacy fences and add a decorative feature to the property. These fences have pickets that are spaced apart and placed in a horizontal or wavy pattern over top of each other. Semi-private fences allow others to look through them and will often have lattices at the top. 

Shadowbox PVC fences are around 6 feet tall and offer a small amount of privacy, but they can be more open than private or semi-private options. Vinyl picket fences are also available and help to define boundaries in between properties. These fences typically have a height of around 4 feet and help to keep children and pets inside a particular area. Vinyl chain-link fences do not offer any privacy and are also used to designate boundaries. 

The cost of these different types of PVC fencing will vary based upon the height and width of the materials that are purchased. Obviously, a large privacy fence will be more expensive than a small chain link or picket fence since more PVC material will need to be used. Individuals who are on a tight budget plan may want to go with a semi-private fence or shadowbox style in order to obtain an adequate amount of privacy at the lowest possible price. 

Information on Affordable PVC Fencing 

Homeowners who simply need a fence to designate a property line should go with a PVC picket fence. These traditional-style fences can add an aesthetic value to any property, and they are ideal for defining boundaries. Picket fences are often customizable and can be purchased in different sizes and colors. Many homeowners choose to use decorative post caps or vinyl gates to contribute to this traditional look. The actual cost depends on local rates, the number of fence posts installed and the complexity of the installation site. 

PVC Fencing Features 

PVC fencing is highly versatile and works well in urban settings as well as on country farms and ranches. The material is easy to maintain because it is moisture-resistant, which reduces mold buildup. Vinyl fencing will not rust and continues to look brand new years after it has been installed. It can resist flaking and cracking and withstand accidental bumps or hits. This type of material is steel-reinforced and can be purchased new or made of recycled plastic. 

How to Calculate Fencing Materials 

Customers who are buying 8-foot-wide fence panels will need to divide the length of the fence in feet by eight in order to find out exactly how many panels they will need. If partial panels are required to make it work, it is best to install those in a corner. For posts, buy 4 x 4 feet squares that are long enough so that a third of the post can be set into the ground. One post will be required for each panel as well as one additional post for each opening or gateway and one extra post for the last panel that is installed. 

Other Information Homeowners Should Know about Buying PVC Fencing Materials 

Buyers should always check to see if the fencing materials include stainless steel fasteners, inserts and screws. Using stainless steel products during the installation will keep the fence much stronger over time. When buying supplies for a vinyl fence, it is very important to buy from a reliable manufacturer who offers a product guarantee with each purchase. There are fencing retailers who will offer a 20-year lifetime guarantee that will help to cover any type of environmental damage that may occur.

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    Last updated on Nov 8, 2018

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