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We found great pros, but some are outside of Ashburn. Showing pros within 25 miles of Ashburn.

Dogwood Creek, LLC

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Doug Bibb's Landscape Company, Inc.

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Forever Spring Construction & Landscaping, LLC

  • Contractor services

Fresh Perspectives Landscapes

  • Contractor services

Josue Land Service

  • Contractor services

New Spring Lawn Landscaping, LLC

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Landscape Design Firms Near Me

Good landscape designs can save you thousands! Talented landscape designers know how to capitalize on your specific plot and plan accordingly, blending cost-effective and benefit-rich elements that will help you recoup the design costs over time. However, there are plenty of landscape designers near you who can accomplish this task.

Compare reviews, portfolios, experience and more from the group of landscape design companies. When you’re ready, ImproveNet can connect you with the top landscape design services near you.

How to Find the Best Landscape Designers In Your Area

Landscape designers have many different skill sets. Good landscape designers know what plants will and won’t work in your landscape. Great landscape design companies know how to draft a landscape design budget and use 3D CAD imaging that lets you tour your future landscape. With so much in play, it’s not always easy finding the best landscape design firm.

Some landscape designers only handle the planning and others see projects through to the end, hiring and directing subcontractors to complete all installation work.

Some landscape designers provide xeriscaping design servicers and others do not. Some landscape design companies know how to form and alter a budget and other landscape designers do not. Some companies only create backyard landscape designers and others only do front yard landscape designs.

Beyond the inquiries above, all landscape designers should hear your design preferences and see your front or backyard before submitting an accurate landscape design estimate.

To help you choose the best landscaping design company nearby, ask your landscape designer the following questions:

  1. How long have you designed landscapes?
  2. Have you designed landscapes for other homeowners nearby? May I contact them for reference?
  3. What plants are ideal for my climate?
  4. Can you take my landscape vision and turn it into a reality?
  5. Should I be considering xeriscaping?
  6. Will you need a landscape architect to make my landscape vision a reality?
  7. What landscape design programs do you use?
  8. Do you have experience creating and following a landscape design budget that was set before the project began?
  9. How many people will be working on my landscape?
  10. Can you design and implement the project?
  11. Do I need to be home as you work?
  12. Where do you purchase your materials and plants?
  13. How much will my landscape design cost?
  14. What is your preferred form of communication: Phone, text, email or all?
  15. When are design payments due? Do you accept cash, check, credit or online payments?

Landscape Designers Vs. Landscape Architects Near Me

Landscape designers often get confused with landscape architects. They are quite different, as landscape architects cost more than landscape design companies. Watch the video below to see why:

Top Rated Professionals In Your Area