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Laminate Flooring Installation Contractors Near Ashburn

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Laminate Flooring Near Me

Other flooring materials have caught up, but laminate floors are still one the most prevalent flooring options in America. Laminate flooring is not only much more affordable than hardwood or tile, but they’re easy to clean and don’t scratch as easily as other materials.

If you’re looking to refresh your laminate floors, we found the best laminate flooring installers near you. Compare reviews, portfolios, experience and more from the group of laminate flooring installation contractors below. When you’re ready, ImproveNet can connect you with the top laminate floor installers near you.

How to Find the Best Laminate Flooring Installers Near You

Laying laminate flooring is easier than hardwood or tile, but more often than not, homeowners leave it to laminate flooring installation companies to complete the work. An improperly installed laminate floor can warp, bend or crack.

Once you start looking for handymen to lay your laminate floors, you’ll quickly realize that they have many different price points. Furthermore, some laminate flooring installation contractors charge an arm and a leg to remove the existing flooring, while others include it in their overall installation cost.

To make sure you find the most affordable and best laminate flooring contractor near you, all pros must come and see the house. Only then can they give you an accurate laminate flooring installation estimate.

As they spend time looking at your floors, ask them the following questions. Their answers will surely help you decide what laminate flooring installer is right for your project.

  1. How long have you installed laminate floors?
  2. Have you installed laminate flooring for other homeowners near me? If so, can you share their contact information for references?
  3. How many square feet of laminate do I need?
  4. Will you remove the current floors as well? Is that cost included in your overall laminate flooring installation estimate?
  5. How many people do you need for my laminate flooring installation project?
  6. How do you guys handle furniture? Can you move it or do I have to?
  7. What is your schedule like? When can we get this laminate floor installation completed?
  8. Do I have to be home when you install the laminate?
  9. What other information do you need from me?
  10. Can you provide a detailed laminate flooring installation estimate showing all steps of the process?
  11. When are payments due?
  12. Do you accept credit card or other online payments? If not, can I get a discount for all cash?

Laminate Flooring Installation Cost

The cost to lay laminate is less expensive than wood or tile. According to our laminate flooring installation cost guide, prices range between $1/sf and $5/sf. Furthermore, if you hire a pro, an additional $2/sf should be added to your laminate flooring installation budget.