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AllGreen Landscape Company

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American Exteriors and Masonry, LLC

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C. Dod Landscaping, Inc.

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D and D Lawn Service, Inc.

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Doug Bibb's Landscape Company, Inc.

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Grady's Painting Plastering/Construction

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JK General Contractor, LLC

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Modern Exteriors, LLC

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Modern Remodeling, Inc.

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Stone Pavers Near Me

You can add value to your home while increasing the utility of your yard with the addition of a stone patio. Thanks to the durability of the materials, your stone patio will last for years. While it is possible to install your own stone patio, you should consider contacting a patio paver contractor near you. Stones are cumbersome and when laying the patio or walkway, you must take into account potential drainage issues.

For professional help installing your new patio, ImproveNet can connect you with top stone paver companies near you.

How to Find A Stone Paving Contractor Near You

An improperly installed patio is an eyesore that has only a fraction of the lifespan of a patio that is correctly installed. Furthermore, it could cost you more in that timeframe. Therefore, all interested homeowners should take the time to find a qualified paver patio contractor near you.

To find the top stone paving contractor for your job, ask prospective contractors the following questions:

  1. How will you prepare the land for the patio?
  2. Will you add soil or a layer of fabric?
  3. Does your company have insurance?
  4. What type of stone do you use?
  5. How long will it take to install a stone paver patio?
  6. What do you know about different patio styles?
  7. How do you transport the stones to the patio site and will this damage my yard?
  8. When is payment due for the patio and how do you prefer to receive payment?
  9. Do you have pictures of previous patio installations?
  10. Do you have any previous customers I can contact for a reference?
  11. How much does it cost to install a stone paver patio?

Stone Paver Patio Installation Cost

You need to understand the costs associated with installing a stone patio before you can hire a natural stone paver near you. The price for a stone patio varies based on the size of the patio, coloration of the stones and the necessary prep work to ready your lawn for installation.

The cost of the materials alone can run from $15 per square foot to $30, with the average around $22.50. Then there is the cost of installation, which is in a range from $8.48 to $19.38 per square foot, with the average cost at $13.93. The entire project can cost you anywhere from $23.48 per square foot to $49.38 per square foot.