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Wood Gutter Replacement & Installation Near Ashburn

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Wood Gutter Services Near Me

Gutters divert rain on the roof away from your home’s foundation, where too much water can cause damage. Gutters connect to downspouts and help prevent moss or mildew from accumulating on the roof. Wood gutters look great but require more maintenance than other kinds of gutters. However, with proper care, wood gutters can last up to 100 years.

If you’re ready to improve your curb appeal with gorgeous wood gutters, ImproveNet can connect you with top gutter companies near you.

How to Find the Best Wood Gutter Installers Near You

Watch for rot and other signs of wood gutter damage to know when you need new ones to be installed. There are some measures you can take to save on the costs. If you are having new gutters installed, you can take the old wood gutters off yourself. If you hire a professional, you’ll likely pay about $150 to remove and dispose of the old gutters. If you’re replacing only some of the wood gutters, that will also save on some costs. A company that offers service plans can save you time and money by stopping problems before they get too serious.

The right contractor will be accredited, charge a price that will fit your budget, and be able to start on your schedule. Choosing someone who has plenty of experience in your area is also a good idea. Here are some questions you can ask before choosing a wood contractor to work on your home:

  1. How long have you been in wood gutter business?
  2. Do you offer free estimates?
  3. Are you licensed and insured?
  4. Do you have any references from homes in my area?
  5. How will you protect my roof?
  6. Do you use seamless gutters?
  7. How long will the project take?
  8. Do you offer any warranties?
  9. What are your payment terms?
  10. What training does the crew have?

Wood Gutter Installation Costs

The cost of your gutter installation will vary depending on the size of the house, whether all or some of the gutters are removed and new ones installed, and the materials used. On average, installing gutters and downspouts cost between $649 to $950, although the costs can go much higher. Keep in mind there will also be labor costs. Be sure to ask if there is an additional inspection or removal fee. Materials costs also vary depending on what is used. For instance, standard vinyl gutters can cost you $4 per linear foot. The material cost varies depending on the type of wood used as well as the amount that you need.