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  • Quartz Or Marble: What's Better?

    Natural materials like quartz and marble can enhance the appearance of your home. Learn the differences between them and how to decide which one best suits your needs.

    By Jaclyn Crawford Nov 3, 2020
  • Can You Spot The Difference Between Porcelain & Ceramic Tile?

    'Porcelain and ceramic tiles are remarkably similar in appearance and function, but there are notable differences between the two. Explore the pros and cons of porcelain vs ceramic tile to decide which material is better suited to your project’s unique needs.

    By Jaclyn Crawford Oct 14, 2020
  • Must-Haves For Your Home Office

    A well-planned area in which to work will help with productivity, not to mention foster a positive mindset! See home office tips.

    By Jaclyn Crawford Aug 25, 2020
  • Install Basement Flooring Over Concrete Surface

    Basement floors are notorious for becoming damp, and moisture will ruin a floor unless necessary precautions are taken.

    By ImproveNet Guest Author Nov 26, 2018